Clothing for a Hawaiian Vacation

What Type of Clothing Should you Bring on Your Hawaii Vacation?

As the days get longer and the temperatures rise, many of us start daydreaming about a summer getaway. And what better destination to escape to than the beautiful islands of Hawaii? Whether you're planning to explore the vibrant streets of Honolulu, surf the legendary waves of Oahu's North Shore, or unwind on the luxurious beaches of Maui, packing the right clothing is essential for enjoying everything the Aloha State has to offer. So, let's dive into the must-have outfits for your Hawaiian adventure, taking into account the various islands and activities you might encounter.

1. Lightweight Tops and Breathable Beach Fabrics

Hawaii's tropical climate means you'll want to opt for lightweight, breathable tops that will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day. Consider packing cotton or linen shirts, flowy blouses, and breathable t-shirts. These super cute beachy clothes will not only help you stay cool but also protect your skin from the sun's rays. Shop our Beach and Swim Covers.

2. Tropical Shorts and Short Sets

When it comes to bottoms, shorts and skirts are your best friends in Hawaii. Pack a variety of styles, including denim shorts, athletic shorts for activities like hiking or biking, and breezy skirts that you can dress up for a night out or wear over your swimsuit for a beach day. Shop all of our Women's Shorts and Short Sets.


3. Tropical Swimwear

No trip to Hawaii is complete without spending time at the beach or by the pool. Make sure to pack plenty of swimwear options, including bikinis, one-pieces, and board shorts for the guys. Consider bringing rash guards for extra sun protection, especially if you plan on spending long hours in the water. Shop our Women's Swimwear and Shop our Men's Swim Swimwear. If you are looking for matching family swimwear Shop here.


4. Sun Protection and Healing Serum

Speaking of sun protection, don't forget to pack essentials like sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats, and sunscreen with high SPF. Protecting your skin and eyes from the sun's harsh rays is crucial, especially in a place like Hawaii where the sun shines year-round. YES we carry beauty products!

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5. Maxi Dresses and Rompers for your Hawaii Vacation

For a laid-back island vibe, pack a few casual dresses and rompers that you can easily throw on for a day of sightseeing or a casual dinner. Look for breathable fabrics and loose-fitting silhouettes that will keep you cool in the heat. Shop all Maxi Dress - Shop All Rompers and Jumpsuits.


6. Hawaii Resort Wear

If you're planning to indulge in the luxury side of Hawaii with resort dinners and upscale activities, be sure to pack some dressier outfits. Think flowy maxi dresses, linen pants paired with stylish tops, and lightweight blazers or cardigans for cooler evenings. Shop all of our Women's Vacation Dresses.

7. Active Wear

If you're an adventure seeker planning to hit the waves for surfing or embark on a challenging hike, don't forget to pack appropriate activewear. Moisture-wicking tops, quick-dry shorts, and sturdy hiking shoes are essential for staying comfortable and safe during your outdoor adventures. Shop all of our Women's Activewear.


8. Evening Attire

While Hawaii is known for its laid-back atmosphere, there are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy the Hawaii nightlife, especially in popular destinations like Waikiki or Lahaina. Pack a few dressier outfits for evenings out, such as cocktail dresses for women and collared shirts paired with chinos for men. Shop all of our Cruise Ship Dresses, Evening Gowns and Resor Cocktail Dresses.

Clothing Considerations Based on Island and Activities

The clothing you pack for your Hawaiian vacation may vary depending on which island you're visiting and the activities you have planned. For example:

  • Oahu: If you're heading to Oahu for surfing or exploring Honolulu's bustling city streets, pack plenty of beachwear, activewear, and casual outfits for daytime adventures.

  • Maui: For a more relaxed and luxurious experience on Maui, focus on resort wear and elegant evening attire, especially if you plan on dining at upscale restaurants or attending luaus.

  • Kauai: If you're visiting the lush landscapes of Kauai for hiking and outdoor exploration, prioritize activewear and comfortable, moisture-wicking clothing that can withstand the island's varying weather conditions.

Shop our Summer Clothing for your Vacation at When it comes to packing for a vacation in Hawaii, versatility is key. Make sure to pack a mix of lightweight, breathable clothing suitable for both daytime adventures and evening outings. Consider the specific activities you have planned and the unique atmosphere of the island you'll be visiting to ensure you're prepared for whatever adventures come your way. And most importantly, don't forget to pack your sense of adventure and Aloha spirit for the ultimate Hawaiian getaway! 

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