Returns Policy

Returns Policy 

Thank you so much for ordering with us, we really appreciate you supporting our business. 

We no longer accept returns or exchanges, all sales are final. Please consider the following options.

1. Consider giving the item to someone as a gift, or donating to a local charity so someone could benefit from it. 

2. You can resell your item on etsy, ebay, Overstock, Amazon, or Poshmark and probably turn a profit. Poshmark is popular, Here is a referral link to open a Poshmark account  if you sign up we both get $10.00. You could make a profit reselling your item. You can purchase many of our items wholesale and become a reseller, learn more about becoming a reseller and start your own business.


We do need to know if there was an issue with your order so we can learn and improve our customer experience. If your order was one of the following please email us at send us pictures if your print was way off or something else happened and we will work on getting you refunded.

* Damaged
* Wrong Item/Size
* Wrong Print

Refund Policy

Reach out to us if there was a serious issue with your order contact US:


Cancelation Policy

Cancellation Policy for Orders Labeled High Risk or Fraudulent Orders:

At The Landing World, we take fraud prevention seriously to protect our customers and our business from potential financial losses. In the event that we identify an order as High Risk or fraudulent, we reserve the right to cancel the order and impose a cancellation fee to cover administrative costs incurred. 

Cancellation Fee:

For each High Risk or fraudulent order that we cancel, an administrative cancellation fee of $45 will be applied on top of the charges we incur for credit card processing and restocking. These fees we charge for processing high risk orders are listed as per below.

  • Investigative Costs: Our team invests time and resources in verifying the authenticity of orders flagged as High Risk or fraudulent to protect our customers and our business. We will send the customer a message asking for verification of their order with the email provided in the order as well as we will request proof of identity in the form of USA Government issued identification. If we do not hear back from the customer within 14 days we will cancel the order & refund the order minus our charges.

  • Administrative Overhead: Processing cancellations involves administrative tasks such as updating records, issuing refunds, and communicating with affected customers as well as restocking inventory.

  • Payment Processing Fees: Credit card processing fees are incurred for each transaction, including those identified as High risk or fraudulent. These fees typically consist of a percentage of the transaction amount plus a fixed fee per transaction. Once we cancel a high risk or fraudulent order the refunded amount will be minus our payment processing fees.

Communication of Policies:

Our cancellation policy for fraudulent orders is clearly outlined in our Terms and Conditions and Policies section on our website. By placing an order with The Landing World, customers acknowledge and agree to adhere to our cancellation policy.

Customer Notification:

In the event that we identify an order as High risk or fraudulent and subsequently cancel it, affected customers will be promptly notified via email. The email will include details of the cancellation, the reason for cancellation, and information regarding any applicable cancellation fees.


We understand that fraudulent activity can sometimes occur without the knowledge or consent of the customer, such as in cases of identity theft. If you believe that your order was canceled in error or if you suspect fraudulent activity on your account, please contact our customer service team immediately for assistance.

Policy Updates:

Please note that The Landing World, llc reserves the right to modify or update this cancellation policy for fraudulent orders as needed. Any changes to the policy will be communicated to customers through our website or other appropriate channels.

Contacting us

If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints regarding this refund policy, we encourage you to contact us using the details below:

contact US: