Vacation Dresses

Vacation Dresses

We work hard to find flattering vacation dresses for women of all sizes including plus size vacation dresses. Elastic waist bands help for ease of movement and dress fit, cap sleeves or flare sleeves for grace and charm. Enjoy perusing our vacation dresses here at The Landing World and we really appreciate your photo reviews, remember to tag us in Instagram @TheLandingWorld

Dreaming of your next escape? Whether you're headed to a tropical paradise or a luxurious resort, one thing is for certain – you need the perfect vacation dress to make a statement. In this guide, we'll explore the top vacation dress styles and share the ultimate list of destinations where you can flaunt your fashion-forward choices.


Resort Vacation Dresses: Resort dresses are designed for both comfort and style, making them perfect for your vacation wardrobe. Choose lightweight fabrics, vibrant prints, and flowing silhouettes to capture the laid-back yet elegant resort vibe. Shop our Vacation Maxi Dresses.

Beach Vacation Dresses: Embrace the carefree spirit of beach vacations with breezy and breathable dresses. Opt for off-the-shoulder styles, lightweight fabrics, and playful prints to effortlessly transition from sandy shores to beachside cafes. Beach vacation dresses are more relaxed and can also be worn as a swim cover or beach cover. Shop all of our beach vacation dresses.

Cocktail Vacation Dresses: Elevate your evenings with sophisticated cocktail vacation dresses. Whether you're sipping drinks at a beachfront bar or exploring vibrant city nightlife, choose dresses that showcase your style and make a statement. If you are on a cruise vacation the trend is a dress that is a little more upscale and can be an evening gown for cruise ship dinners or events.

 Maxi Vacation Dresses: Maxi dresses are a versatile choice, perfect for both daytime excursions and evening events. Look for bold prints, slit details, and comfortable fabrics to ensure you stay stylish and comfortable throughout your vacation. Shop our Maxi Vacation Dresses.

 Short Vacation Dresses and Swim Covers: Pack a mix of short vacation dresses that can double as swim covers for poolside lounging. Choose light fabrics like cotton or linen for a breezy feel, and opt for styles that easily transition from beachwear to casual day exploration.


 Plus Size Vacation Dresses: Our plus size vacation dress collection is always adding new dresses so check back every week to to the latest plus size resort, beach and vacation dress finds.

No matter your vacation destination, your vacation & resort wardrobe should reflect the beauty and charm of the surroundings. Invest in a variety of vacation dresses to ensure you're prepared for any adventure, from exploring historic streets to lounging on exotic beaches. With the right vacation dress, you'll not only look fabulous but also feel confident as you make lasting memories in your dream getaway. Remember when you travel go with Aloha!

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