Hilo Hawaii History & Information

Hilo Hawaii History & Information

Hilo Hawaii History & Information

Hilo Hawaii History & Travel Information. Hilo Hawaii is a great destination for history buffs and those looking for an unforgettable vacation. With the lush landscape, warm weather, and friendly locals, Hilo offers something for everyone.

Hilo Hawaii was founded in 1825 and is the largest city on the Big Island. It is full of fascinating history, with a range of cultural attractions, monuments, and historic sites all worth exploring. Take in the beauty of tropical rainforests and volcanoes at Hilo’s Hawaii Volcanoes National Park or head to Kilauea for stunning views of ancient Hawaiian settlements. You can even learn about Hilo's past at Lyman Museum & Mission House – which is dedicated to preserving and interpreting stories from this unique location.


For those looking to relax while they explore Hilo, there are plenty of places to enjoy some downtime too! From serene beaches and lush gardens to waterfront restaurants and boutique shopping areas, there are so many activities that you will want to stay for a couple of weeks.


When it comes to learning about Hilo's rich history, there are plenty of stories to explore. From ancient Hawaiian settlements to more recent battles during World War II, there is much to discover in this vibrant town. The local Hawaii museums provide insight into the culture and past of the islands while landmarks like Mauna Loa commemorate its importance in the region.


Travelers to Hilo Hawaii will also find a variety of activities available catering to all interests. Whether you'd like to go fishing or snorkeling off the shore or have an adventure inland with some hiking or zip-


We recommend you check out AirBnB experiences for Hilo Hawaii and connect with locals who offer many types of activities in the Hilo area including photography, lei making and Stand up paddle board adventures in Hilo Bay.


List of Beaches in Hilo Hawaii


1. Hilo Bay Beach Park

2. Carlsmith Beach Park

3. Richardson Ocean Park

4. Waiakea Beach Park

5. Onekahakaha Beach Park

6. Leleiwi Beach Park

7. Honoli'i Beach Park

8. Reed's Bay Beach and Coastal Reserve


No matter what you do in Hilo, Hawaii is sure to leave a lasting impression! There are so many things to explore, learn and experience in this unique town that it’s worth travelling for – history buffs, adventure seekers and beachgoers alike will be sure to find something special here in Hilo! So start planning your trip today!

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