20% off Jackets and 20% off Shoes

20% off Jackets and 20% off Shoes

Hey Folks, The Landing World here coming at you with some really nice print jackets for the cold season. If you're visiting Hawaii to escape the cold and enjoy some fun in the sun, you may want to bring back a stylish souvenir with you wherever you're from. There is a fantastic set of windbreakers and jackets going for 20% off right now. If you ever wanted a custom print jacket in your life now would be the time to capitalize. 

Some jackets you would be interested in are the Jungle blues, a print that goes well with the Offord Blues. There's also the Deep Ocean Blues, Classic Flora, Monstera Leaf Tropical, and the Dia De Muertos set.



We also have 20% off deals on all shoes available on the website. Men’s, women’s, and kid’s shoes all 20% on The Landing Worlds website. Stay fashionable and comfortable in these print shoes. We have a variety of different prints available for purchase, all of which are 20% off! We have Luxe Pink, Bold Jungle Colors, Thisbe, and the Shredder Prints!




Remember you can get 20% off on jackets and shoes at TheLandingWorld.com. The coupon code for each deal is SHOES20 for all shoe sales, and JACKET20 for all jackets going on sale. Have an awesome day and goodbye. 

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