The Landing World’s Flagship Store is NOW Open for Business!

The Landing World’s Flagship Store is NOW Open for Business!

The Landing World has opened their flagship store in the heart of Hilo, Hawaii. Hilo town is the perfect place to explore local shops, a famous farmers market, beautiful beaches, dramatic waterfalls and most importantly The Landing World’s flagship store now open.  The Landing World is truly a one of a kind experience with apparel and experiences for both locals and tourists alike. What are some of the unique experiences that make The Landing World different from all the other flagship stores? Starting off, The Landing World carries the highest quality activewear and swimwear with the best UPF protection you can get, as well as offering custom design apparel and skateboards. Using the latest Virtual Reality technology, The Landing World allows you to take an immersive deep dive into virtual reality to create your own designs that can LAND on your own custom print. For more information click here! What a fun interactive shop for both locals of Hawaii as well as tourists who want to make their own Hawaiian Shirts, Skateboards, Shoes, Caps, Yoga Wear or Swimwear.

The Landing World Hilo Hawaii Boutique

What kind of apparel does The Landing World offer? The Landing World Flagship store in Hilo Hawaii includes apparel items such as maxi resort beach dresses, kid's and adults tops and t’shirts, bags and backpacks, and many more amazing items for you and your family. As one of the first interactive consumer experience boutique stores on the Big Island of Hawaii, The Landing World looks forward to engaging with consumers interested in a unique experience in Hawaii. The Landing World is also able to offer custom photo shoot experiences for families or couples interested in having custom photography as part of their unique graphic designs for their apparel purchases. The Landing World Flagship store in Hilo Hawaii has a selfie booth for consumers interested in taking quick photos for T Shirts or for social media. 

The Landing World has had a rapid rise thanks to their unique customer experience as well as reputable news channels covering the launch of The Landing World such as MenaFNGetNewsNebraska News Channel, and others! Thanks to all the excitement, news coverage surrounding the launch of The Landing World, and the unique customer experience the flagship store had amazing success their first launch day nearly selling out!

Come check out The Landing World at 191 Kilauea Ave Downtown Hilo, Hawaii.  If you can’t come in person, check out their online store Here and be sure to keep up with all the news The Landing World is going to be here for years to come and only going to get better and better as new prints are added to their line as well as local artists goods included.
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